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The Garmin 5000 garmin_5000_large


This is an instrument to help pilots navigate throughout the world and provides a variety of different instruments in one big instrument.


                                                                                            Picture provided by sea-aviation-parts.com

The G500 made an approval from the FAA and almost 600 manufacturers are desperate for this new system which comes equipped with:

  • Advanced flight deck for crew-flown business jets
  • Bright high-resolution displays with SVT™ let you see clearly even in IFR conditions
  • Displays divide into 2 pages to help display multiple systems and sensors
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface with shallow menus and audible feedback
  • Automatic Flight Guidance and Control Systems
  • Weather, charts, traffic, terrain and Global connectivity options
  • As well as a variety of artificial horizons

Thanks to Garmin for this information